Facility Maintenance Team in general offers repairs & maintenance services as well as technical support service to university users.

Repairs & Maintenance Service includes:

  • Building interior renovation facilities, such as ceilings, floorings, walls, doors and windows, and water drainage facilities etc;
  • Municipal roads and outdoor civil engineering facilities, such as pavements, driveways, corridors,  railings, fencing and sewage system etc.

To place a repair requisition, you may choose any of the following channels:
1. Login to Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
2. Call Campus Management Hotline at 8822 8700.


Technical Support Service includes:
Provision of advices / comments on feasibility, specification or site supervision, etc., in related to alteration or addition of above facilities. Request for technical support service should be sent to Head of CFM with proper justification. Upon obtaining the approval, service request will be handled according to the queuing order and availability of manpower.

For more details, please email us at cfm_suggestion@um.edu.mo.





  • 樓宇室內建築及裝修設施,如天花、地板、牆壁及門窗、以及排水設施等;
  • 市政道路及戶外土建設施,如行人道、車道、連廊、護欄及圍牆以及排水渠道等。

1. 登入 設施維護管理系統 (CMMS)
2. 致電校園管理熱線 (內線8700)


提供新增或改動上述設施之可行性、規格要求或現場指導等方面的建議/意見。有關服務申請應連同合適理據發送至工程及設施維護處處長。 服務申請獲批後將按先後次序方式以及可調配的人力資源處理。

如對設施維護有任何查詢,歡迎電郵至 cfm_suggestion@um.edu.mo